Consumer Fraud

Michael Youngstrom graduated in May of 2016. Three months later, Michael received the first reminder when payments began to whittle down his student loan debt. Still looking for a job in his chosen vocation, Michael started to worry about his finances. “It can be pretty scary when you can’t make the first payment on a […]

It has been 10 years since the second worst financial meltdown in American history. The federal government in tandem with the Federal Reserve System gave trillions of dollars to giant Wall Street banks that crossed the line dividing reason and speculation. Many financial analysts blamed the repeal of Glass-Stegall in 1999 with contributing to much […]

Jeremy Pruett applied for a revolving credit card, without as much as giving it a second thought that the credit card company would deny his application. After all, at the age of 22 and fresh out of college, Jeremy thought obtaining a credit card was just another of the many rites of passages into adulthood. […]

Angela Barrett said the wage garnishment decree handed down by a judge came out of nowhere. “I was at home when someone representing the court stopped by to present me with the wage garnishment notice. It was devastating.” Creditors have the legal right to collect unpaid debts. What starts as phone calls and letters can […]

Reading an insurance policy is akin to paying a visit to the family dentist. Well, maybe reading an insurance policy is not as painful as your dentist asking you what you have done the past six months, while shoving multiple tubes into your mouth. Far too many California consumers fail to read insurance policies and […]

There are three, not two guaranteed things in life: Death, taxes, and car repairs. As much as death and taxes repulse us, car repairs can take us to another level of heightened stress. Just ask Missy Gaynor. Missy began experiencing issues with her car’s heating and cooling system. “I went to four repair shops and […]

Kristi Reyes knew she purchased a defective crib soon after putting it together. “The base of the crib was weak at best,” said Kristi. “I was lucky the baby never spent any time inside of it.” Other parents have not been as fortunate as Kristi and Tony Reyes. Despite a record number of product recalls […]

  We are sure you have heard of the phrase “Everything changed after 9-11.” No other industry felt the repercussions of the deadliest terrorist attack in American history more than what the airline industry faced. Swiftly passed legislation turned once mostly favorable airport experiences into hours long nightmares that not only slowed down airline service, […]

You have heard to proverb, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Unfortunately, the proverb does apply to the lemon you purchased from a local auto dealer. In fact, the lemon you purchased requires the legal protections offered by federal and California lemon laws. Andrew Rosen got an up close view of California lemon law. […]

If you survived the financial meltdown of 2007-08, you understand that buying and selling securities is what Tom Cruise would refer to as Risky Business. Charlatans across the investment spectrum try to take investors for rides by offering financial scams such as slices of debt packages that borrowers will never be able to pay back. […]