Unfair Debt Collection

Michael Youngstrom graduated in May of 2016. Three months later, Michael received the first reminder when payments began to whittle down his student loan debt. Still looking for a job in his chosen vocation, Michael started to worry about his finances. “It can be pretty scary when you can’t make the first payment on a […]

Angela Barrett said the wage garnishment decree handed down by a judge came out of nowhere. “I was at home when someone representing the court stopped by to present me with the wage garnishment notice. It was devastating.” Creditors have the legal right to collect unpaid debts. What starts as phone calls and letters can […]

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Do you remember the evenings meals when you expected the phone to ring the moment you moved your fork full of grandma’s secret macaroni and cheese recipe to your lips? Those were the good old days for telemarketers who cared less if they interrupted you during the birth of your first child Since 1991, the […]

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Consumer complaints against credit card companies prompted Congress and the Obama administration to pass the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act (CARD) of 2009. Years of widespread confusing terms and false advertising led to a bill that contains several features that protect consumers against credit card abuse. Limit on Interest Rate Hikes CARD limits […]

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Your cell phone rings and your heart begins to pound. No, your racing heart is not caused by a call from a secret admirer. Instead, your racing heart is caused by a phone call from a creditor that demands immediate payment of what you owe on a loan or credit card bill. Tired of the […]

If the American financial meltdown that began in late 2007 taught us anything, the lesson learned was that the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) represents one of the most important consumer protection laws ever passed by the United Sates Congress. After an extensive review of what caused the financial meltdown of 2007-08, it became apparent […]