Robocalls and Cell Phone Abuse

You are about to sit down to a nice meal, when your cell phone rings and disrupts quiet time with your family. Reluctantly, you answer the call and immediately hear an automated voice pushing a new “miracle” product that just hit the market. It is bad enough the phone call disrupted family time, but this […]

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Do you remember the evenings meals when you expected the phone to ring the moment you moved your fork full of grandma’s secret macaroni and cheese recipe to your lips? Those were the good old days for telemarketers who cared less if they interrupted you during the birth of your first child Since 1991, the […]

fresno california consumer lawyer

Your cell phone rings and your heart begins to pound. No, your racing heart is not caused by a call from a secret admirer. Instead, your racing heart is caused by a phone call from a creditor that demands immediate payment of what you owe on a loan or credit card bill. Tired of the […]