Elder Financial Abuse

Reading an insurance policy is akin to paying a visit to the family dentist. Well, maybe reading an insurance policy is not as painful as your dentist asking you what you have done the past six months, while shoving multiple tubes into your mouth. Far too many California consumers fail to read insurance policies and […]

Shortly after the advent of print advertising, someone with too much time on his or her hands came up with the idea called bait and switch. It started in the horse trading industry, when buyers arrived to purchase muscular stallions only to find a frail donkeys waiting in the barn. The penalty for bait and […]

John Reed remembers a story told by his parents shortly after he entered the market to purchase a home. “Mom and Dad talked a lot about how a real estate agent and a bank tried to drive up the price of a property they wanted to buy outside of Denver. This happened in 1962. When […]

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Your cell phone rings and your heart begins to pound. No, your racing heart is not caused by a call from a secret admirer. Instead, your racing heart is caused by a phone call from a creditor that demands immediate payment of what you owe on a loan or credit card bill. Tired of the […]